"It can take hours, or up to a day, to find someone" - Delaware State Police spokesman.  We, at ICE KEYTAGS, find that unacceptable!
(click here to go to an EMS article on this tragic fact)

Stop for a moment and think about the unthinkable. Your spouse, child, parent or other loved one is in a serious accident. They are injured too severely to be able to contact you, or to tell EMS whom to contact. Unfortunately - their cell phone will be lost in the passenger compartment, destroyed by the impact, or locked. Even if it works - how does EMS know whom to call? As the article we link to above explains - you will probably wait 6 long hours, or more, to get the news. Critical hours - when you should be at their side!

Our company, ICE KEYTAGS, has an incredibly simple solution to this potentially devastating situation. An ICE KEYTAG (see some samples to the right) - sitting on a key ring...provides First Responders with immediate access to the phone number of THE PERSON who needs to be called when time is critical. When they turn the ignition off, they have it right in the palm of their hand.

Typical tag back. Tag holder writes in the # of the person they want called in the event of an emergency, as well as the # (normally their cell phone) to call if someone finds their keys. The QR code on the back of a tag can direct the tag holder's smart phone or iPad to a variety of media.

As an additional service, we provide our tag holders with a free, downloadable EMS Information form. It allows them to provide EMS with additional contacts and medical information - potentially life saving information - immediately, right at the scene. The EMS Form should be in every glovebox in the country!

To accomplish our mission of putting an ICE KEYTAG on every key ring in the country...we have partnered with a wide variety of businesses. We provide an incredible marketing package for those join us. You MUST watch the video, and review our brochure, to fully appreciate why we call the ICE KEYTAG "The Next BIG THING in Marketing"! From 24/7 promotion, national advertising, to QR code campaigns - we wrap it all into one!

Give back to your community. Help us protect your customers, as well as their families and friends. Protect your loved ones as well - all while exploding your business! Don't wait...go back to our rep's site - watch our video - and then order
ICE KEYTAGS for your business today!

EMS Tag - available for purchase by the general public
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